Sunday, May 10, 2009

I'm back

I'm back, the road has not been easy but it was worth it.....

Friday, September 5, 2008


I give it to Nigerian women when it comes to dressing in our traditional clothes and also sometimes western clothes, however i have a big problem when it comes to the weaves that they hair. I was looking at some wedding pics a few weeks back and there was a particular brides maid whose hair was a total mess, and believe me she was in almost every picture. I believe that no one should ever be able to tell if you are wearing extensions in your hair, thats the beauty of extensions. also spend a little more money to get quality and not the dry horse tail some people wear in their hair, or maybe invest in a good hair cream or spray. A dear friend of mine wears her weaves so nicely, now she has the wet and wavy weave and she keeps it really mosturized by using water and a little setting lotion, so it always looks wet and people always come up to her to compliment her thinking it is her real hair.
Also please if a hairdresser leaves bumps in your hair while fixing your weave, dont pay her. She has no idea what she's doing, where the extentions attach to your hair should be flat not bulky. Sometimes, the long silky weaves also look very tacky, no black person's hair is that silky abi are you sunita?
Bright red, blue weaves are a no no. Honestly those are straight out GHETTO. I'm not against colored weaves but abeg tone am down with the color b4 you blind the rest of us
anyway sisters lets get it together with our weaves and If I sound like I'm being hard, I apologize,I i'm just stating my opinions. Good luck with the weaves

Monday, August 11, 2008


Summer is winding down and its almost time to go back to school. While it has been fun, I 'll be glad to go back to my little job and school so i can stop being a house wife. I honestly cannot understand how some women handle it. I give them kudos.
anyway enjoy the rest of your summer

Friday, July 11, 2008

Rev Jesse Jackson is.....

... i'm not even sure of what to say. His comment that Barack Obama was talking down on black folks durng his father's day speech and that there are more important issues to deal with when talking about black folks is absolutely ridiculous. Once again, i think he had nothing else to say and so he had to say something negative to get himself into the eyes of the public.
Yes, too many black fathers are absent from their homes. They keep making babies and don't have the sense to take care of them. The Government actually has to force them to take care of their kids by garnishing wages and trying to locate them all over the country. If thats not a problem, then I dont know what a problem is. There are so many children that grow up with no father in the home and it reflects in their lives. So many boys or young men, misbehave because they have no role models to emulate. I give kudos to the mamas who bring up kids to be decent citizens but women cannot do it alone.
Irresponsible fathers, a lot of times bring about irresponsible children and fathers who are in jail are more likely to have their kids follow in their foot steps. Fathers who physically abuse their partners are more likely to have kids who follow in their foot steps.
Yes, kids who grow up having a responsible father in the house who sets rules have a better chance of being decent citizens
Black folks, lets call a spade a spade and stop trying to hide our problems as the first step to solving a problem is admitting that we have a problem

Thursday, July 10, 2008

dead beat tenants

Most people complain about their landlord ' oh he is slow in repairing stuff, o, he's so mean blah, blah blah, but today my issue is with dead beat tenants.
Before I talk about deadbeat tenant, i'll define in my own words who a deadbeat tenant is. 'A tenant who has an excuse at the beginning of every month as to why they cannot make a payment and think that they are smater than their landlord'
When I moved states, I left my beautiful condo in the hands of an agent who finally got some tenants. But alas, i think they are the most annoying people, I've encoutered. Every month, its one excuse or the other and right now I'm in the process of suing them which is costing me MONEY. I'm so pissed, my irritation with them actually feels like ants crawling up my back.
I cannot wait for the court date, to get the deadbeats out. Dont these people understand that I need to pay mortgage on the place and that I'm not running a state prison where people can stay for free. Its been two months of no rent and I'm ready for them to leave NOW.I understand that people have financial problems and no one is immune from that, but at least let me know something and dont keep feeding me lies thinking that I'll swallow them hook, line and sinker.
Remember what you sow in life is exactly what you reap. So if you are renter be considerate of your landlord and put yourself in their shoes sometimes.
Ok thanks for letting me vent.

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Boarder line Stupidity

Baby Mama/papa drama is on my mind today. Would you settle down with a man/woman who has different children with different women/men? Say about 5 different women/men. When people find out that that I grew up in Nigeria, they ask me if it is true that African girls marry at a very early age, most times I ignore the question but most times I want to say the African girls that you see on TV stay married to the older men that they married and have kids with that man. It is no different from a high school girl or boy in the US that has a child at 13 0r 15.
Once again, i have to refer to the area that I live, according to research, its one of the poorest and most backwards places in the US. It also seems to have the most children born out of wedlock. Does poverty make people stupid? How can you not feed yourself but decide to have a child? Coming from a different culture and background, where having kids out of wedlock is frowned on, I find it strange that most people who live here have at least two kids and some as many as five without ever getting married. Sometimes, I want to shake sense into the head of some of the ladies I talk to. I wonder to myself, are these folks not interested in making a better life for themselves?( i ask this, cause most work, and refuse to go to school) Maybe boredom is the reason these people make kids. Are people not scared of catching a disease from having unprotected sex? All these thoughts run through my mind each day.
To top it up, I hear about baby mamas fighting each other because of a man that cannot afford to take care of himself, talkless of the kids that he has made with these women. Many of these men are in and out of jail, and have grown ass women fighting over them. What a shame! What message do these mothers pass on to their little girls and boys?
I do understand if you have one child and something happens between you and your partner, but one women or man, four different children, four different baby daddies/mommies is a bit much and boarders on the edge of stupidity (yes i said it, for the oyinbo man talk say, once bitten twice shy abi?)
Once again, these are solely my opinions and for all the people that read this blog, i say to the men wrap it up and to the women, pls close ya legs haba not everyone that you meet has to visit 'Jerusalem.'

Saturday, July 5, 2008


* If racism offends you or you are unable to be objective, pls do not continue reading.

I was just watching a lifetime movie about a native American girl who was labelled a witch in a town in Oklahoma just because she was different. The topic of racism always seems to make me very angry.I live in a town in the mid west which is about 50% black and 50% white, however the things that I see and observe here, I've really never seen in other places that I've lived. There are three major resturants (aside from the fast food joints and other little food places) that people visit if they do not want to travel out of town for food. These resturants have no African American servers or waitresses or no men servers. When I first noticed this, I thought i was paranoid but then realized that a few other people noticed also. Now, honestly why should i patronise these resturants if they do not appreciate my kind? Secondly the food is tastleless, so i'll rather drive 30 milesto get good food.

To make matters worse, a friend was telling my husband and I, how another co worker of theirs was like he could not stand black folks and that he'll rather vote for a white republican than a black democrat even though he's democrat. What gives anybody the right to hate someone just because of the color of their skin?. Not because of your attitude or your way of life but because of the color of your skin. What gives people the right to complain about other nationals coming into the country legallly because they are different from us or what we are used to?If you believe in God, then you need to believe that He made us all: black, white, yellow, brown and no race is better than the other race. Why are churches segregated on sunday mornings? Black folks attending one church, white folks attending another, Hispanics or latinos another etc. Why?
Why can we not take people for who they are and get to know them before we form an opinion about them,
So that my post does not seem one sided, i just want to add that there are people of all colors who are racist and opinionated about people of other colors.
In conclusion, a diverse society is a successful society, America belongs to all of us and not one race of people.